Order Does Not Sync From Shopify to ERPNext

Hi Everyone
Customer sync (OK)
Product sync (OK)
Order sync (NOT OK)
I have provided all the required details for ordered product, Tax in my case the option ‘All taxes are included in my prices’ is checked but still I’m not able to sync this order to erpnext.

When I create the order it goes to Draft, after I select payment type as Cache On Delivery then my order goes to the Order list in shopify.

Please tell me if I’m missing anything, I couldn’t similar issue no where


You can check here.

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Dear @vinhnguyent090 thanks for help

In my case ERPNext is in Production mode. Can I bring changes? if so do I have to switch to development bring the change and then switch back to production, or directly I can do this?

Hi @zia

You don’t need to change mode. You can fix directly on production mode. because you fixed is shopify code app. Next time if you want to run bench udpate you can reset code of shopify code,

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Thank you @vinhnguyent090 I’ll try it

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Dear @vinhnguyent090 could you please tell me Shopify orders should be in which one of these steps (Unfulfilled, Fulfilled, Paid) to be able to get all orders in Sales Order of ERPNext. I only need Sales Order in ERPNext (no need to sync Delivery Note etc…)
thank you

Hi @zia

I don’t understand, Could you capture image explain for em. I think shopify app only copy order of shopify to order of Erpnext.

from these 3 state of an order which one should go to ERPNext Sales Order (I’m trying to send 1st, which is Pending & Unfulfilled, Am I right?)

Hi @zia

I think 3 states will import to Erpnext, But shopify sync by last_sync_datetime => I see #2 and #3 is older then #1 if you want to get #2 + #3 you must edit database change last_sync_datetime value to yesterday

tabSingles table = > Shopify Settings , last_sync_datetime, => edit value of this row change to yesterday and click sync again,