[Organization] Module Leaders + Public Beta / Sprints

Please count me as well, I am good in SCM Functional, Projects, Manufacturing, CRM, Material (Stock) Modules.
Ruchin Sharma

There are currently two google sheets

  1. Role Description: ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets
  2. Voulnteer List: ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets

to assist this initiative. This is editable by everyone with link(not so good), so I appreciate if everyone adds their name against multiple roles/modules of their interest. The role of ‘Module lead’ is just to organize the project(create team, setup calls, manage other things), so it would be better if there is only one lead for the time being. Of course they can delegate it to someone else in their absence. So it would be better to have the ‘module lead’ from community, rather than Frappe team as it doesn’t really need any coding experience.

Once a module has a lead, they can start building their community team. It is very important to keep all the activities transparent, so I suggest creating a wiki page/spreadsheet for each module activity. That way we can also measure the progress made from this new initiative.

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@kolate_sambhaji I too happy to collaborate in this regard

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Anyone can volunteer for this. Please take it has a serious responsibility with a dedicated few hours a week. I will update the top post with the spreadsheet links!

@spoojary would you like to volunteer to make the groups? Lets release the first list by Friday and update the website… then we can take it forward!


Certainly. If everyone updates the spread sheet, it would be self-driven. We can form the teams by end of this week, and come up with some guidelines/templates for all the teams to start their work from next week.


Awesome. Let’s not loose momentum!

I am up for CRM and Selling module, with @tara_antonius :slight_smile:


I’ve volunteered for Frappe - Integrations Module as a developer.


Count with me in Construction Domain.

But how will domains segmentation works here? There are changes in CRM, Projects, Selling, Maintenance, etc it covers several other groups.


I have done beginner’s course of Python. And looking forward for learning Frappe and ERPNext dev. I wonder how can I be useful in anyway?

I volunteer for UI


@Amarjeet Have you gone through the Frappe and ErpNext developer training videos with the sample app? Please look it up on the YouTube channel and start with a small and simple Pull Request.

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Right now I am learning Python. After this I will go through as you suggested.

This is a great Idea.
I suggest that each Module has a sheet that volunteers can enlist in which they want to join. Better still, if there is an online firm to capture this, it will go a long way save listing capture.
The online form could have the following fields
Name, Country,choice Module( check box,so that someine can select more than one module, butblet it be max of 3 for efficiency sake), status( leader,member), Whatsapp Number or skypeId whichever one that is agreed to use for collaboration.
I would volunteer for HR, Sales, Email

I volunteer for Purchase Module :smiley:

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One potential duty for each group/leader is to document the monthly call.

I’ve seen this kind of thing done by various wordpress teams and they give overviews of their calls at make.wordpress.org. The dev chat summary is a great example - Dev Chat Summary: October 25th (4.9 week 13) – Make WordPress Core.

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can I suggest instead of using spreadsheets why not use something like this? https://kanboard.net

I would also like to suggest that we look on GitHub for some modules people have written. Like this, for example, GitHub - ascorbic-acid/addons: ERPNext addons app, extra doctypes, customizations, more.. has many added features to HR that could benefit the majority of us. Granted we would have to remove some of it but it gives a good start for ideas and maybe in some cased a codebase to start from.

This is another example. GitHub - arizem/ERPNext2Alfresco: ERPNext2Alfresco Connector Last time I used it worked but one place that ERPNext and many ERP systems are weak is with document management. We should look to create a CMIS integration and one for SharePoint and office 365.


Based on the interest so far, I have created the wiki page - Community Contributions · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub for current list of module leads. Feel free to update in case of errors.

As few people have already mentioned, it would be good to have something better than google spreadsheet to manage this. Ideally I would love to use erpnext.org for managing all the module activities. Perhaps erpnext.org module owner @kolate_sambhaji could spend some time looking at that. The details are better discussed in erpnext.org community call/module wiki page. Till then, I would suggest each module owner to

  1. create a small wiki page with your team members and link that page from ‘Community-Contributions’ page.
  2. Start the tagging/answering/organizing calls exercise

As we make some progress with this, certainly we need to measure the improvements this initiative has brought. Till we have a better mechanism in place, the activity in module page should serve as a measure of effectiveness of this exercise.


I think we can start with private groups for each domain on discuss and a group for all module leaders and volunteers to start with. We need to refactor erpnext.org in a big way. But lets hold on that.

:+1: @spoojary for your leadership!

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