Page bank-reconciliation not found

Hi All,

Anyone having of issue of page bank-reconciliation not found in accounting module?

Currently we are using ERPNext Version 13 (full version). Just realize that several page especially for reconciliation purpose does not work.

Appreciate your prompt response.

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You talking about Bank Reconciliation Statement ?

There are several doctype which could not be found.

Problem found :

  1. Bank reconciliation not found
  2. bank-statement-transaction-entry not found
  3. Bank reconciliation statement cant be uploaded.

Thank you


You Have V13.2.0 ?

Yes, We just updated the version last 2 days. Hoping this issue solve but it dont. Just saw V13.2.1 just release but yet to update

Yep same message , maybe @umair can shed some light

Looking forward too. Accounting cant be perfect without proper conciliation.

the page has been converted to a form

Search for bank reconciliation in the awesome bar to find the tool

Hi Mohamad,

Do you mean that bank reconciliation had been replace with bank reconciliation tool?


yes @Charnack

you can search for bank reconciliation tool

The links in the workspace will be changed - PR