Paid WooCommerce full 2 way integration that actually works

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know if there’s a 2-Ways WooCommerce Connector that actually works existed, even the paid one.
I have been tested various ERP systems. And I really love what ERPNext offers both scalability and simplicity of the workflow.

Since I’m currently running a retail business using WooCommerce. That would be best If we have a really good connector that actually work out of the box with WooCommerce.

Wishing everyone having a good day ahead,

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’ + 1 on that, looking for the same

I am having the same trouble with shopify integration. Not sure who actually is using this in production. I am working on a sidecar nodejs application which does a two way sync with shopify. Can you summarize, what the actual Items are, that you want to have synced and mapped in both directions? What is important to you? I am just thinking of running this nodejs application hourly and map:

  • Contacts, Addresses, Customers: Shopify → ERPNext
  • Open Orders not already synced: Shopify → ERPNext
  • Canceled Shopify Order from already synced orders: Shopify → ERPNext
  • Shipment and Tracking updated: ERPNext → Shopify
  • Canceled ERPNext Order: ERPNext → Shopify

Does this also match on woocommerce? But this will definetly take some time as I am still busy with first bullet point :smiley:

Look’s like the flow is the same. But, I agree that It will take a long time. Because the architect between Shopify and Woo is not the same.

Between, I currently use Quickbooks Online with sync connector from OneSaas, and it is very reliable to sync from my WooCommerce store. But, Will definitely switch back to ERPNext in the future, If there is a production-ready connector is available sometime in the future.

Hi @sambath1605 this a fork of the original one. We have fixed some issues and got it to work flawlessly

You can follow the thread here.


Hey @Muzzy - Thanks for sharing. Does it work with V13? Stable/Recommend for Production use?

Also for new online customers - sales
orders and credit card payments in Woo - are the corresponding new customers, sales orders, sales invoice and payment entries created in Erp? Appreciate a clarification on capabilities. Have been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks again.

I think it will work with V13. Am using V12. Haven’t tested paid Woo invoice as I am yet to get the settings for card payment from local financial institution. It creates Guest customer on Cash on delivery sales and makes sales order against it. Tax is working fine if mapped correctly

There are settings for making sales invoices and original developer has said it makes sales invoice. When Item is synced with Woo it remains in draft mode. You also need to add images on Woo.

Best practice

Make item on ERPNext. Properly set warehouse and price list before marking items syncing with woo.

Don’t enable items syncing from woo to ERPNext. It will go in loop.

Don’t enable core woo app, it messes up the information.

Good luck

I definitely try this out very soon. Thank you so much for your recommendation.

Hi Muzzy
Thank you very much for developing Woocommerce Connector! I really apreciate it!

Thank you. All credit goes to @lasalesi for developing the app. We just made minor fixes to run on V12.

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@Muzzy thanks and also appreciate your work in improving it and contributing!

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@Muzzy Hey man thank you for what you have done with this connector. I have tried to tweak my settings. I can sync to the woocommerce site but it keeps creating duplicates of existing product after every sync i.e. an existing product gets recreated on the woocommerce site but kept in draft.

So here are my question…

  1. How do i get the connector to stop creating duplicate product
  2. Do I need to install your fork of the connector before I can get it to work well?
  3. Which URL will i use to install your fork of the connector?
  4. Has your fork of the connector and the changes you made been merged?
  5. Can you please do a guide on installing and configuring your fork of the connector?

Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate. Looking forward to hearing from you.


All changes have been merged. The git url is in my earlier post. Before you use our version do the following

Disable the core WooCommerce app. Better to remove all settings as well.

Remove the other WooCommerce app which you maybe using.

Delete all products in WooCommerce

Install my version of app but enable it. Just use the settings propely.

Use sync items one way only. ERPNext to WooCommerce, don’t use it other way around. This can send it in loop hence duplicate items on every sync.

Before using the tick on items master to sync to WooCommerce create the WooCommerce warehouse a and Item price if different than the standard selling price. Use Naming Series for items, it is populated in SKU field of WooCommerce.

Tick both WooCommerce settings after you have done all proper settings.

Once sync is done product will always be in Draft. You need to add pictures and other properties on WooCommerce website before publishing it.

Good luck.

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I think two way connector need a lot of time and efforts
on the other side I think the default connector on erpnext is good only to get the items on your woocomerce after that I believe the right decision is an integration from woocomerce to the erpnext

Our team develop integration from woocomerce to erpnext with these features include these features:

  • create customer
  • create sales invoice
  • create payment entry when user pay
  • create delivery note when the product shipped
  • create return invoice and return payment and return delivery note when refund happened
  • provide links for the document of delivery
  • log errors for any issue happened and retry with exponential delay
  • Products stock sync.
  • Products prices sync.
  • Support any woocommerce payment gateway, bank payment and COD
  • Log for every documents creation

if you need more information please contact me on

I don’t think you had tested @lasalesi version. It does all what you stated above.

Is there a link to access this version?

really I was not see this before looks great but I can not find any document talk about the features in clear way if you can provide a feature list I will happy to see
on the other side a lot of features I mentions I can not imagine how it can be done without any woocomerce effort so I will invest some time checking the details

It is a paid solution so we are not sharing the code I will record a video to show the features for those may interest

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Hi @Muzzy,
Could you help to confirm? If currently, the Connector is able to Create Sale Invoice and Payment Entry in ERPNext. I have been testing in the last few days in row. But, It only create the Sale Order even though the payment status has been made on WooCommerce side.

Thank you so much.

Hi. Which fork are you using? We have not yet added the payment gateway. We may be doing next week. However, I think it should make sales invoice and payment entry irrespective of which fork you are using.

Did you check your Woocommerce config? It is different than core WooCommerce settings.

As per the code if you have set Yes to make Sales Invoice then app should make invoice. This code makes SI

This code makes Payment entry

Go though your Config setting with fine comb. Am pretty sure the codes are fine.