Party name in Journal Entry

I want to show party &party name in Journal Entry

                          Debtors - tag    Customer     C00012           AHMED
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Does anyone know how to achieve this?

The interface is already there in the journal.Select the creditor or debtor and then select the party in regards to the payable or receivable


This is what i have when i try yo select party type:


There’s no creditor or debtor within the journal accounting entries. Rather, i am being asked to create a new doctype.

Any help for this anyone??

This is what I also don’t understand. Because the +Create a new Doctype link is intentionally put there.
If you see the doctype (Menu> Edit Doctype) the field type is link and the option is DocType.

Does anyone have a solution for me?

Party Type will only appear if the Account is Payable / Receivable.

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