How to Attach Party to Non-Receivable/Payable Account in Journal Entry


How do i disable Party Type filter in Journal entry? I am unable to select party type and party as reported in this thread:

What i discovered is that without selecting journal account, i can select party type and party on the default payable and receivables account. But when i select any other journal, i can neither select party type no party.

How do i disable this filter so i can select party with other journals?

Customize Form>Journal Entry >PARTY TYP>CHEK HIDIN

@ahmeddeabs it’s not hidden. A party type filter is triggered when i select a GL account that is not the default payable or receivable account. If i select the default Receivable account, i can select Party Type Customer and Party Customer Name:

But if i select an expense account for instance or bank account, I cannot select either customer, or supplier or employee:

So as you can see from both images, one allows me select party type (although limited to customer only) while the other does not allow party type at all.

Just bumping this up the chain in case someone is kind enough to look at it for me.

Hi @Mitchy25, any chance you could take a look at this for me?

Hi @flexy2ky. Please send me an email to and I’ll sort it out for you :slight_smile: