Payments to Employee in Foreign Currency

I’m trying to setup for the following:

An Employee is traveling abroad, and we would like to be able to pay him an advance in a currency that is different from the company currency.

The system refuses and provides the following msg Employee:
EMP/0003 can only be made in currency: EGP

This is a typical use case we face and it is very restrictive not being able to do it, any thoughts on how to do this?

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Which document are you creating to make the payment? Can you provide a screenshot?

I’m Using the payment entry standard screen, I believe the issue is that typically an employee would have advanced payed to him in the company currency, and because of this the system prevents creating payments (or any transactions for that matter) in a different currency other than the first one.

So for Example, If I create a new employee, and pay him an advance in USD (foreign currency), because this new employee doesn’t have any previous transaction with our local currency the system will allow it. Once I pay the employee advances in company currency, I can not pay him in any other currency afterwards.

I hope this is explained well enough to be replicated on your side.

Thank you So much for your help

I will suggest you to create a separate account for the employee in different currency. Posting in different currency for the same account will add a lot of problem in handling data.

We already have the accounts for the Currency USD in the payment entry as per the screen shot,

these are USD accounts only, but this employee has previously been payed in local currency even using different accounts, but I still get the attached error upon submission

Any updates please

Hi Nabin, i have the same issue.

Test in all possible ways, and I always end up with the same result.

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Hi @nabinhait, should I put together an issue at github?

Sorry about the label.


This is an important feature for us for various party types, please please help adding it

I am not in favour of asking things this way, as the right way would be to do it ourselves, and upload a pull request.

I’m waiting for nabit’s answer to see if it’s a question of usability that we missed something, or I have to put together an issue in github with all the details of the case so they can consider it in the core.

As I don’t see any other complaints in the forum about this, and it’s a very common practice, I haven’t made the issue yet.


Hi! Any news for this in V11 nabinhait?


hello @federico_calvo did you manage to find a solution to this

Hi @zbisho, nothing so far…we’re having other inconveniences besides multi-currency.

I have used over 12 ERP systems and this feature is the simplest feature you should have by default in any of them, it’s hopeless to have a decent accounting system if you can’t pay people in different currencies. the problem is we spent over 2 months doing the setup and now I don’t know what to say or what to expect.

Any solution here??

issue created in githup

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That is not an issue as you are trying to post a journal entry other than the account’s currency. Please make a group of accounts in different currencies for the employee and post related transactions to the related account. You can also make a journal multi currency entry but then you need to manage the currency loss/gain on every transaction.

can i make it from employee advance ?? this is my issue not from journal entry directly ,

It is worth a try

any good news or solution here ?