Percentage Symbol problem over the URL

I have problems with Percentage Symbol on URL.
Any Account on URL it doesn’t render on ERPNext.

the account named: 20312 - ITBIS RETENIDO 30% A SOCIEDADES - LB



I think that the symbol “%” should be replaced with “%25” over the URL, but I dunno why its not working.

I would like to update the file that is in charge of it, but I don’t want to update the whole system, because I have a lot of sites working over that instance.



PD: I edit this post, because it is happening on every DocType.

A search on ‘special character’ or ‘percent sign’ will help with pointers.

Your case likely is language or in particular COA dependent.

But its strange, in other DocTypes, I works fine, Only in Charts of Accounts it is doing it.

what file is in charge of this?

I change language, and still.!

Check this

I mean what file is in charge of set the URL in the browser, to see if I can update that file and fix that issue.

I create a new company with a COA based on a standard template. And still.

I realized that its happening on every item (with “%” Symbol) where the name is passed over the URL.

Recently I installed the Let’s encrypt Certificate. Will someone know if this has to do with this?

Yes to troubleshoot in a test environment is what you should aim for here

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I always install with the easy install script… Can you help me to reproduce my environment? I mean my actual version.

How can I install just the actual ERPNext version over a local server?

I dunno if too much to ask.!

Indeed yes you make a case for commercial support and I can refer you to a resource!

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I can’t affort it. But, Thanks anyway. I’ll keep looking.