Permission Error After upgrade to v11

after upgrade to v11 sales, user can’t access reports in sales order

User do not have doctype access via role permission
You don't have permission to get a report on: Sales Order

sales user has full access on sales order via role permission manager

Maybe something like this, but for Sales Order instead of purchase order?

Thanks @trentmu
but the user take the all permission this not the problem and this only on reports

Did you check role permissions as well as user permissions?

This issue is affecting a lot more users now. A GitHub issue has been raised here:

please upvote it so devs can see it. I’m not a developer unfortunately so I can’t fix it myself.

Yeas I think it’s a bug in v11 and its appear when check if creator in role permission manager

See also After Update to 11 "User do not have doctype access via role permission"

Dear @clarkej
i know is @flexy2ky raised a GitHub issue and I hope to solve the problem soon Because it’s very big bug in new version

I don’t know if any one notice, customer role is empty. even though i’ve tried so many time to reset settings to default, fresh install, reinstall nothing help.

Hope you guys you can help us with it.

Thank you.

Be sure to upvote the issue [Tutorial] How to upvote Github issues for non developers

@clarkej @trentmu @flexy2ky I’m already upvoting the issue but no response since more than 2 days and as I mentioned above is a very big bug and it has to take first priority to fix

I guess the devs don’t see it important enough to look into. I’m not a developer and don’t know code so i can’t even troubleshoot the error.