Planned Operating Cost for 1 item is being compared against multiple items Actual Operating Cost

I am having a problem
planned operating cost for 1 item is being compared against 6 items after production is finished

in a scenario, i am making a chair, which requires 1 hour operational cost at 300/hour for 1 item (Made a BOM for 1 item)
for 6 items that is 6 hours, i ran the time log , saved and submitted
after updating finished goods, its showing comparison of single item operational cost vs 6 items operational cost


Can you share with screenshots?

Herer is the BOM for 1 Chair

Production order for 6 chairs , note the highlighted quantity

planned operating cost of 1 chairs vs actual operation cost of 6 chairs
see also planned operation times in minutes

actual time spent on operations for 6 chairs

Thanks @asr1722 for the screenshots. That really helps/

Created this.

If there is an issue, we will fix it today.

Thanks for reporting the issue…
sending in fixes soon !

you are welcome @neilLasrado @rmehta
can u do me a favour and look into

@asr1722 Hello, We have resolved this issue. Hope everything is working fine now.

i will check and let you know