POS: How to prevent partial payment in retail POS?

In typical retail POS sales, it’s valuable to prevent partial payment when making a sale.
This might happen as an error, for example, $15 is the total and the customer hands over $20, but the sales clerk incorrectly enters $2 cash and clicks Submit. The transaction proceeds with an amount owing. This is a bad idea in a retail POS situation.

My POS Profile already has only cash and credit card as Modes of Payment.
Is there a way to prevent partial payments?

i facing same problem also…

At this time… the answer would be no. There is no way to prevent partial payments in the POS module.

I agree that it would be a great feature to have.

It appears there are still a few things missing from the POS module.


Has there been any development for this challenge?

Need to be able to prevent that submission of transaction if full payment has not been received.

Making use of system in a retail environment where you have random walk in customers that you do not extend any credit to.

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Tawanda R. Mukaro

Hi @Tawanda_Mukaro

There’s a lot of work ongoing for POS right now. I’d suggest you add your concerns to the main thread now:


Thanks @wale,

In the interim i have set a credit limit of 0.01 for my cash accounts. This achieves the desired effect of preventing the transactions from posting without the required payment. It is not ideal but does the job for now.

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