POS still not actually saving the transactions properly. All are DRAFT

Yes your “Misc” service item is exactly what I was trying to describe.
A popular till system used here in Australia (Vend) deals with negative stock like this.
The chashier scans all the customer items. When “Tinned Plums” are scanned an error message pops up telling the cashier that there is no stock and do they want to add it to the sale anyway. The cashier then has to click yes to continue or the sale will not proceed. Vend then just adjusts the stock level to -1.
If when a negative stock issue occurs in ERPNext would the solution above combined with adding a not in stock suffix (NIS) to “Tinned Plums” on the sale receipt be enough of a searchable flag to prevent fraud in your business?
When vend is offline a UI warning banner appears at the top of the screen making the cashier aware that the register cannot connect to the central DB. I imagine that stock numbers are loaded into Local Storage along with Item Name and Price etc.

Internet connections here in central Sydney (Australia’s most populated city) drops out at least once every 2 months. Yes I know thats crap. As such most ADSL 2+ modems now come with a 4G mobile network sim card for Fail Over situations.

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Rohit, Thank you for the update about Online POS. This is exactly what I needed. Will this be in the Master update next week?

I cannot run developer mode in my client site testing unit, so I must wait for it to be available in production mode. Any idea when that could be?

Thank you and your team for making this a priority fix.


thanks. that is actually not acceptable in retail. I keep saying it, most people are not using erpnext for true retail processes. I wonder how @wale runs those stores on v8? maybe he has a custom online only pos but if its the one we know then there must be serious issues and we cant tell how much agitation he has from the client, we have all tested it, its unusable for business as is, period. maybe you use it just for office style invoicing but for fast-paced retail. no way Sir. the team are working on it cus theres an obvious problem so I wonder how you got it to work

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