POS Summary : my user experience & Github issues

I actively use the POS with a wireless barcode scanner.
All works fine :slight_smile: although users wishes many improvements.

They can roughly be defined in 3 sections;

  1. Improvement on the current POS screen.
  2. More functionality
  3. integrations.

An improvement has been made in release 23dec: a percentage can be entered to calculate discount!!

  1. Improvement on the current POS screen.
    a.Speed. Fast scanning is not possible. See also:
    POS Module slow 路 Issue #4438 路 frappe/erpnext 路 GitHub
    b. Space for test under images to small to hold longer text
    c.With long sales item list the last entries are off-screen and thus difficult to see whether entered correctly
    A scroll bar for the left and the right side of the screen would be nice. Also the last item entered should be always visible, Currently the whole screen jups to the top if one edits an item in the low end of the list
    d. The option to also allow non-cash payments (see Select Mode of Payment for POS 路 Issue #4516 路 frappe/erpnext 路 GitHub)

  2. More functionality
    More option to customize POS, like custom fields, info at the right hand side (image, code, Name, description, in stock, 鈥
    Split tenders: Combined tender types at pos screen 路 Issue #4256 路 frappe/erpnext 路 GitHub there was a discussion here for a paid development.
    Other functionality that is usually found in POS 鈥 layaways鈥

  3. integrations.
    Integration with payment system, printers, and cash drawers. I understand that important for ,many shops, I am fine with the current system.

I seems that some users are willing to support financially. May be the ERPNext Team can give a rough quote for the various enhancements, and can we raise these funds鈥


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Hi Robert,
As mentioned here, POS is definitely lacking behind with hardware integration.

Although there are ways to use POS printer, cash drawer is still an issue. I think the team can test the integration on some standard materials that we can buy (a bit like Shopify)

Thermal printers are still an issues with no easy (out of the box) format for the usual roll size which are standard. The whole pdf - html thing is nor practical or intuitive.

Another issue for us is the barcode scanning of printing label with weight鈥 barcode include items + weight / price

Then there is still this issue I believe鈥 I am not sure it has been addressed.

A very important one for us would also be this one鈥 Very important considering internet might not always be reliable and we have several shops in various part of the country. Shops need to be able to run despite internet connectivity.

I would be willing to put a $1,000 for the above to be addressed.

@becht_robert @Francois_Ifitwala thanks for all the suggestions. We are again restricted by how much we can do.

@Francois_Ifitwala thanks for your offer to sponsor, but to make a really good solution for offline will need a bit more resources. I am think there must be a good way to crowdfund this so that more people can add resources. We have tried bountysource twice but has not really worked.

@Francois_Ifitwala lets start BountySource again, can you post this as an Isuse and then a bounty (bountysource.com), maybe we can start getting more people to join in.

OK I will do so.
@rmehta, I understand the need for more resource. I thoguht that anybody else with an interest in improving the POS could join the effort.
Not sure how to include it into bountysource.com though.

Yes I will support this financially. Just did accounts for 2016, break even, so my contribution will be modest :smile:rgds robert


@Francois_Ifitwala just go to https://www.bountysource.com/ and add the Issue # in the box

Any news on this issues and the bountysource?
Looking forward to it cause it鈥檚 a must-have for the use of ERPNexts full power in a retail store!

@Francois_Ifitwala still not knowing all to much about it I think just to post a github issue on bountysource is very straight forward. You just go to the bountysource homepage and add the link to your issue into the green box. That鈥檚 it. I think you don鈥檛 even have to be registered to bountusource in order to do that. I think once you want to put so called bounties on that campaign you probably have to register and then follow some instructions.

Maybe for starters you can open the github issue, post it鈥檚 URL here and whether you can鈥檛 manage the bountysource part I鈥檇 try to step in

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