Printing Gantt Chart from Project

How do I print a project’s gantt chart? When I click on the print link it says: “Select records for assignment”.

What am I missing?


@jvantslot I think for now print Gantt view is not supported!

The message that you getting is because the system just swap from Task list view, to Gant View, and the functionality under the menu is being shared in both views!

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@jvantslot As @max_morais_dmm pointed out, this functionality is not supported yet. Can you please raise a github feature request for the same.

Is there any update?

Hi, you should check to see if anyone made the issue at github.

I just found the issue on github, OP made the issue when he created the post

Any update on this feature ?

Any update on this feature…?

@rakshitha - Please keep tab on this

I was able to print out the Gantt chart
I will post more details on how to print the charts later

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thanks for your help Hussein, can you explain how to add the code?