Problem with Multitenancy, not able to access site with prefix www

Issue Part 1:
I have one site and I’m using Domain base multitancy in production
but when I’m try to access it’s not accesible

For Solving above problem I create short link of folde inside sites folder to
Now It’s working but this create another issue

Issue Part 2:
I setup ssl with using bench command
and also setup ssl for with same command
but now which ever setup last from is only working another one giving error Your connection is not private

What is right way to achive this?

Hi Jigar,

My 3 cents of suggestion. I was also struggling with same problem recently.
a) Remove the shortlink that you created in sites folder to link to

b) To point multiple domain to same site, Please run the below commands -
bench setup add-domain --site
bench setup add-domain --site
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx restart

c) To configure the SSL to multiple domain, please run the below command -
bench setup lets-encrypt --custom-domain
bench setup lets-encrypt --custom-domain

Hope this works for you.

Praveen N

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