Production Planning Tool with multiple Warehouses

Hello Community,

we have multiple warehouses in which we store different parts used for production:


If I use the production planning tool to create material requests for a sales order I have to provide a warehouse.


Due to the fact that our parts are stored in multiple warehouses I tried to set the group warehouse “Alle Lagerhäuser” as warehouse. If I create material requests for this warehouse for each item on the BOM a material requests for the full amount is generate no matter if we have sufficient stock or not.

Is there any alternative way to raise material requests based on the actual stock?

Hi @fux

In the next release, we’re going to deprecate the production planning tool and adding production plan. In the production plan, we are going to provide the provision to select the warehouse against each item. This will fix your issue

Hi @rohit_w,

thank you for your quick response. I am really looking forward for this feature. Do you already know when you will release this version?

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Mostly in next week!


today I updated ERP-Next to the most recent version “Release v10.1.33” … However, I still see the production planning tool and I face the same issues I faced a few month ago.

Did you already release the “production plan” and if this is the case: How do I use it?


Oh sorry, I found the solution on my own …

Hi There,

I am using ERPNext version v13.24.0 and I am still not seeing how you can check the stock balance of raw materials from the Materials Requirements Planning in the Production Plan, against multiple warehouses.

I also find the issue I have with the requirement to enter the warehouse to make the material request for, requires you to know which warehouse contain the raw materials you are looking for. I would rather the system search all warehouses for the required stock and return where the items are located, if any.

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