Products page redirects to contact us page


When I add items and show them in Website and going to the Products website page, unfortunately the page redirects to Contact us website page instead of showing the Item details!.

Note this problem occurred in V, 11.1.5 (master) and V 11.1.6 (master)

Any clarifications please?

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Same here… This happens with a dedicated automated install on a VM. Any thoughts?

Any solution?

Alas, no. I have filed this at Github, too, but it seems that it has not yet received much attention, except that you and me are by far not the only one that are affected. I have requested some debugging help from the developers, but to no avail so far. I am actually getting a bit worried!

I upvoted this issue, hope will get attention

Frappe has much on its plate to support these days Translation portal registration not working - #6 by clarkej

Paid support is always an option to fix this

That would contribute to the community all round India - Customs Duty - #6 by JayRam

John, thanks for your reply, but let me comment:
I do not ask for a fix, but of a way how to debug. If there is an error that affects an important feature of the software (in our case the public face, so to speak), and if the same has been reported several times, it may be considered severe enough to be brought to the developer team’s attention. The assistance provided in how to debug, not: to solve, actually helps ERPNext.
I always balk when I hear a reference to pad support: Critical and severe errors should never, ever been pushed into the realm of paid support, if the software wants to be taken seriously in its FLOSS-ness.
I think the above is important to keep the spirit of community supported and fixed software alive.
Thank you for your understanding.

Resolved, with huge thanks to Ovresko @github. Please see here: ERPNext: v11.1.18 (master) Frappe Framework: v11.1.18 (master) ERPNext: v11.1.16 (master) Frappe Framework: v11.1.16 (master) Products Links Response Contact Form? · Issue #16943 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. The shopping card has to be set-up, even if no payments are accepted. Here are the steps, blatantly copied from Ovresko’s advice:

Go to Shopping Cart Settings
enable accept payments + Set modatory fields (series, company ...)
Save and reload website
deactivate Shpping Cart after

Thanks again, Ovresko!