Purchase Tax and Charge filled with different currency

I am using ERPNext v13.8.0, I was creating purchase Order using USD currency, when I had added Purchase Tax and Charges, i faced that the amount filled with different currency

how to make it same currency?

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We are facing the same exact problem. It was working fine before V13.X
I hope it can be looked at in the next upgrade.

Hi, did anyone find a solution for this, I have the same issue the amount is correct but the symbol is wrong. so the system is not doing any exchange revalue rate but showing wrong symbol.
I have a post on this matter and nobody answered this on how to solve it.

Temporary we have created Income and Expense accounts in chart of accounts with the currency needed so that the right symbol can be shown but that is too much to be done since you will have to create several templates for each account head. That is insane, not sure why ERPNext won’t tackle these bugs and issues right away.
V12 in these things was much better.