PWA for Frappe CRM

We have released the PWA feature for Frappe CRM.

  1. Login screen

  2. Side bar

  3. Deals - details

  4. Deals - Activity

  5. Leads - list view

PR link: feat: PWA (Version 1) by shariquerik · Pull Request #199 · frappe/crm · GitHub


Looks really nice. :ok_hand:


@michelle Is there any chance to get that working quickly on Frappe in general?

There should be just a new Settings section to insert your own manifest for the PWA and it would be installable and can be turned to any plattform as mobile app easily.

Already proposed here:

Found a way to get is finally. This should be a way for Frappe Apps in general, as pwa manifest.json allows great customizations.

I just need help with creating a Service Worker to get background notifications and updates: