Python and manual hosting


Will installing python mean that I can self host erpnext on cpanel and plesk or just plesk?

2nd time u posted?

Hi, that was my initial question. Someone then replied mentioning python but didn’t really explain if it was with Cpanel or Plesk. After not receiving a reply when asked further I started a new topic.

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have a look at Self hosting ERP - #4 by felix

as far as i know it’s better to have a clean install without cpanel or plesk.

Hi JoEz thank you. My problem is I have to use one or the other. I have been told it won’t work with cPanel on the last thread but manual install and python was mentioned so maybe I can use plesk? or maybe they were saying those options would also work with cPanel?

@Softwareprofs why u need plesk or cpanel?