Quality Management System

Is there any way to give SOP expiration dates?

Currently SOP doesn’t have expiration date. You can use custom field to add an expiration date. If you can contribute the expiry date feature to SOP, your contribution is welcomed else I will take it up sooner or later.

Hi hrwx, thanks!!

I’m a ansious user of the Quality Management Tool!! Congrats for the work!!

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to program… I did the customisations on the form, and input the expiration dates, but is missing the programing to make it work properly. I’ll do some reports do control it.

If I can contribute with ideas, count on me!

Any ideas to improve QMS are always welcome :wink:. Will soon add expiry dates to SOP

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Hi @hrwx

In the initial version there was an option to attach a quality review to any doctype. That feature is actually required when you want to completely integrate procedures within the ERPNext ecosystem.

For example there might be multiple procedures that need to be done before sending out a quotation to the customer.

Is there any particular reason for deprecating this in the final version that got released?

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Yeah, it seems to be a good feature to gave. We will discuss this with our team about and after that we can add this feature in quality management module.


Hi @govindsmenokee,
Afaik even before there was option to add only Goal. Its to schedule regular Review to make sure Quality Goals are being adhered to.
If there is any new feature that you feel would feel to contribute, even an idea, I would be happy to take it up.


Hi I was talking about this pr -

In this quality review gif we are able to review any document

This is just a POC I was doing, but then later turned out that the modules in QMS were very loosely bounded with each other, but then its still up for discussion and if that feature benefits, Ill add that feature.
Some features from that POC have made way into the QMS now: UX changes in Goal, Procedure are derived from that POC itself

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Hi @hrwx,

I have some suggestions that will help enhance the QMS module.

In order to make the system ISO 9001 compliant what we can do is have a generic document type called “Quality Document” within that there will be a document type (Manual, Procedure, Work Instructions, Policy, Checklist, Formats). This will cover almost all use cases.

Also we can have separate doctypes for Change Requests, Audit Management, CAPA, NC etc which will make this a complete QMS solution.

I suggest we organise a meeting and decide on the final requirement and we can divide the tasks and build this out so that everyone will benefit from this.



Hey @govindsmenokee,

Count me in on refactoring QMS for real use cases. We can use the forum and keep the discussion public so that everyone would be able to able to contribute with ideas.


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Count on me… I can help with research and purpose some mocks…


This is the basic outline that I have in mind. Please feel free to start discussions based on this outline.


  • Document Management
    • Standard
      • Clause
    • Manual
    • Procedure
    • Work Instructions
    • Policy
    • Checklist
    • Formats
  • Quality Management
    • Audit
    • MRM
    • External Meeting
    • CAPA
  • Quality Control
    • NC
    • Customer Complaint
    • Customer Feedback
    • Material QC
  • Quality Assurance
    • Calibration
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Predictive Maintenance
  • FMEA
    • FMEA
    • Severity Type
    • Occurence
    • Detection
  • Risk Management
    • Assessment
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Incident Management
  • Environmental Health And Safety
    • Checklist
    • Evaluation Criteria
    • Activity
    • Identification
    • Evaluation
  • Objective Monitoring
    • Objective
    • Process
    • Objective Monitoring

Awesome beginning… I believe erpnext already covers some of these topics. So, just as a comment, I marked them in your list!

For those, i believe it will be great link them with the actual Doctypes, and classify them to this module…

This seems to be a good start. But i cannot find Quality Review and Quality Action (which is already there in the existing Quality module) in the suggested outline.

Hi Himanshu,

I don’t know if it could be noticed after closing the issue, on the GitHub… So, I still can’t sort the quality tree…



Is there a way to use (with permissions, of course) the athenolabs doctypes??

Hi, how is this coming along, will be glad to contribute

In the same stage… New views and help is always good!!

Hi guys,
How is this coming along? Got any update?