[Question] View empty fields after submit

how to view empty fields after submitting the form ?


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Hi can you share your use case?

thanks for reply @johnskywalker,

our customer need to view all the form fields even if they are empty after submit
is there anyway to view all form fields after submit, just like if the form is Draft

thanks in advance…

Hi I believe not. My I idea is to have a small text or long text field that will list down all the empty fields.

i did not understand you point sorry.
there’s two ways to show fields after submit, the first way is by adding “allow on submit” but this will allow the user to edit the fields :/. and second way is by adding default field value.

i, Am wondering if there’s any way to do it from the core, i mean viewing all fields after submit

just small hint will be very helpful :slight_smile:


fieldname: Fields that are Empty


var empty_fields

you loop all the fields that are empty, add their field labels to empty_fields

empty_fields += some_empty_field.field_label + “\n”



Fields that are unfilled:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3


@johnskywalker thanks for your reply :slight_smile: i will try this idea .


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