View Empty Fields after Submit

Is there anyway to make all the fields visible on the submitted form/document? The allow after submit is not an option since all users can edit it.

The objective of making the fields visible is for amending the form since it still not shows the visible field eventhough you need to amend it.

Also, some fields that are not mandatory are some times were not filled out by the user. Example is the Remarks fields, there are time you just not need to fill it out but if you amend or need to put something, that is the time you need it.

This inquiry is similar to this:
however it is hard to do it to all users that make an amend to a document.

I also did the enabling of the Apply Strict User Permissions when I read the ERPNext manual. But nothing happen and did not work.

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Did you find a way to display empty fields after submit ?

Did anyone find a solution to this?