Raw Printing in ERPnext

My printer is : TSC DA310 barcode printer…

iam using below code to fetch value from field “full_name” and doctype is “test” and print it using my printer.

^FDYour Full Name^FS

How to fetch fields dynamically???

iam using QZ Tray…

iam unable to do it. please help me…

Hi @Kiranmai ,
you can use jinja format. for Example: if you want to fetch the full name of a document.

Thank you @Safvan_Ph

Iam unable to printing it…my printer is not connecting to my system…

Do i need to install any drivers???

@Kiranmai Yes you need to follow these steps:

@Safvan_Ph i did by using that documentation only…

Did you setup this?

if you didn’t setup this. please select the raw printing format in that document print and click Raw Printing Settings and click allow . Then manually map you printer name

yes iam getting that but iam unable to get what i code for…

Screenshot from 2024-02-12 14-43-00

Iam getting like this on sticker.

Can you click PDF button from Preview. then you will get a code in the PDF you should copy and paste that code to ZPL. you can verify if there is any errors.

Paste in the Left side. after click redraw you can get the preview on right

@Safvan_Ph Iam Using that ZPL viewer…in that iam getting what i need. But on sticker iam unable to getting that one.

and in PDF also iam getting it.

Copy and paste in to the ZPL and adjust the alignment. then add that code into your print format

Can you check this print. its showing something in the top right part. may be the issue is with the alignment

Okay @Safvan_Ph Thanks for your time

@Kiranmai try this post, it may be of help. Although it’s for a Zebra printer you are using the ZPL Zebra language on your TSC printer, so it should still be applicable.

Okay @pmjd . Thanks for your time