Real Estate Management

any one have an idea about how to use erpnext for real estate management i find the property management module but it has very lack documents and has no clear function

No idea so far. But this is something I am looking for for one my customers. I’ll be happy to see some progress.

Hi @wojosc @Alaa_Badri

I’d suggest you check the thread below and follow up there

The ERPNext team offered to build this if the original poster was willing to be a beta user. Maybe you can take up the offer if it’s still available


+1 For some deeper consideration of Real Estate. Main site already done in Python3 and now looking to set up a back office to handle some simple small company CRM requirements.

Auto entering leads from info request signup on website
Sending specific property info to individual listed clients on live leads list and diarising follow up
Sending specific property info to list of partner agents
Maintaining list of current live leads with viewing notes
Maintaining overall general mailing list and mailing history
Auto mailing of new properties to general mailing list and to specific current live leads list if they fit required budget

So nothing especially taxing but all of this activity can monopolize a lot of time if not automated. Can we hope that someone has already done all/most of this and can help us complete some kind of module that can then be adapted for general use? Heppy to act as Beta user, on a live working site if the initial script is robust. All suggestions and contact appreciated

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Hi. Were you able to take this forward?

Anyone used this app? And feedback?

More links here

Hello Sir,
I’m looking to install that on my system but there is no such a documentation to follow please advice