Reclaim material from subcontract

I have a scenario
i send 1 length (3660mm) of material to subcontract as stock transfer
he produces 100 nos of item and i recieve the 100nos
there is another 1/2 a length(1830mm) of material remaining with him
how do i get the remaining item back to stock from the subcontract
what are the steps invloved

Hello Hemanth,

Create Stock Entry selecting purpose as Repack. Check:


Hi Prakash
Thanks for the reply
i have gone through the repack entry process
my query is
how do i take in to account unprocessed material lying at the subcontract
like the example i showed above
stock entry 10mts(1 item) of rod to subcontract
he uses 5mtrs to produce /repack 100 nos
he sends me back 5mtrs(i item) + 100 nos
100 nos can be taken in to stock (no problem here)
but how to take the 5mtrs in to stock

For now, scrap management feature is not available in sub-contracting. Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.