Recreating the Monolith - Install LMS as part of ERPNext?

Hi there,

just trying out ERPNext and getting it installed.

I see that the education/training module is now it’s own separate app. However, is it possible to install it alongside/within ERPNext on the same server?


The short and long answer is: Yes, it is.

I’ve been following the instructions here to install on desktop Ubuntu

Is it a case of using bench get-app lms then bench --site site1.local install-app lms and installing it at the same time as ERPNext is being installed?

Exactly. Follow the instructions in that guide and LMS will be installed in your instance.

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You can also, create an small app, that have all the apps you need as requirements!

Just create the app, like “Mono-ERP”
Edit the requirements.txt and put all the repositories you want something like


Thank you, got the LMS installed alongside the main ERPNext install

Thank you that is very handy to know for future :slight_smile:

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