Regarding Capacity Planning

Hello All,
I am trying to test the Capacity Planning in Manufacturing Module. I did the following

  1. Defined Working hour for workstation from 9:30 to 10:00 (30mins)
  2. On BOM, I set operation time as 20 mins for 1 quantity
  3. From the Production Planning tool, I create a work order for 10 quantity items
    This means that it should take 200 minutes for carrying out the operation (20mins x 10 quantity), which is reflected on the Work Order
    However, on saving and submitting the work order, it is not showing any error since the working time for the work station is only 30 mins a day against the actual 200 mins required to produce 10 quantity

What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug?


Any manufacturing user facing issues in Capacity planning?

I dont think Work Order enforces this. The start date and end date of the work order is loosely defined. You can set the dates irrespective of the capacity you have.

I don’t know the plans in terms of including include Capacity Planning in the future releases. Someone from the foundation or someone close to the road map can shed more light on this.

Hi @kirthi
Thanks for the response.
The documentation Capacity Planning based on Work Order
says it is linked to the Work Order.

Sorry, I’m outdated. Have you set overtime allowed?

No I have not allowed overtime.

Has anyone else faced this issue?
Is this feature completed?
I am still not able to use this feature.

Even I tried to use the capacity planning tool. I don’t think it is available as a standard feature. I suggest documentation needs to be refined other wise it is misleading.

Unfortunately it’s open source culture.
I believe that do not do anything better than do half solution with little documentation, doing R&D on such topic spend time then we discover that nothing is their it’s really disappointing.
BTW not only this thread, it’s repeating in many topics.
It hurts trust on the product.

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