[Release Note] ERPNext and Frappe Version 13.5.0

ERPNext Version 13.5.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Tax deduction against advance payments (#25831)

  • Cost-center wise period closing entry (#25766)

  • Create Quality Inspections from account and stock documents (#25221)

  • Item Taxes based on net rate (#25961)

  • Enable/disable gl entry posting for change given in pos (#25822)

  • Add Inactive status to Employee (#26029)

  • Added check box to combine items with same BOM (#25478)

  • Item Tax Templates for Germany (#25858)

  • Refactored leave balance report (#25771)

  • Refactored Vehicle Expenses Report (#25727)

  • Refactored maintenance schedule and visit document (#25358)


  • Cannot add same item with different rates (#25849)

  • Show only company addresses for ITC reversal entry (#25866)

  • Hiding Rounding Adjustment field (#25380)

  • Auto tax calculations in Payment Entry (#26055)

  • Not able to select the item code in work order (#25915)

  • Cannot reset plaid link for a bank account (#25869)

  • Student invalid password reset link (#25826)

  • Multiple pos issues (#25928)

  • Add Product Bundles to POS (#25860)

  • Enable Parallel tests (#25862)

  • Service item check on e-Invoicing (#25986)

  • Choose correct Salary Structure Assignment when getting data for formula eval (#25981)

  • Ignore internal transfer invoices from GST Reports (#25969)

  • Taxable value for invoices with additional discount (#26056)

  • Validate negative allocated amount in Payment Entry (#25799)

  • Allow all System Managers to delete company transactions (#25834)

  • Wrong round off gl entry posted in case of purchase invoice (#25775)

  • Use dictionary filter instead of list (#25874)

  • Ageing error in PSOA (#25855)

  • On click of duplicate button system has not copied the difference account (#25988)

  • Assign Product Bundle’s conversion_factor to Pack… (#25840)

  • Rename Loan Management workspace to Loans (#25856)

  • Fix stock quantity calculation when negative_stock_allowe… (#25859)

  • Update cost center from pos profile (#25971)

  • Ensure website theme is applied correctly (#25863)

  • Only display GST card in Accounting Workspace if it’s in India (#26000)

  • Incorrect gstin fetched incase of branch company address (#25841)

  • Sort account balances by account name (#26009)

  • Custom conversion factor field not mapped from job card to stock entry (#25956)

  • Chart of accounts importer always error (#25882)

  • Create POS Invoice for Product Bundles (#25847)

  • Wrap dates in getdate for leave application (#25899)

  • Closing entry shows incorrect expected amount (#25868)

  • Add Hold status column in the Issue Summary Report (#25828)

  • Rendering of broken image on pos (#25872)

  • Timeout error in the repost item valuation (#25854)

Frappe Version 13.5.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Form tour information can be customized using Form Tour DocType (#13318)
  • Introduced command to run tests in parallel (#13356)
  • Introduced an option to disable the navigation button in the slack message (#13327)


  • Irrelevant cards in the workspace will be filtered (#13463)
  • Fixed incorrect title in tooltips (#13353)
  • Fixed an issue with email template selection (#13379)
  • Made fixes to avoid clipping of useful information in link dropdown (#13415), (#13398)
  • Form and grid rendering fixes (#13363), (#13439), (#13382), (#13301), (#13413), (#13424)
  • Fixed fieldname conflicts in custom reports (#13241)
  • Fixed boolean value evaluation for API request (#13343)
  • Fixed an issue with Website Theme colors (#13359)
  • Fixed “incorrect currency” issue in Auto Email report (#13339)
  • Fixed double salutation issue email body (backport #13358) (#13361)

Thanks! a long awaited feature

Updates coming fast and furious!

Good Job guys

Hi Everyone!

Do you have any updates on this issue as well? Final Material Transfer to Manufacture

Is it possible for us to have multiple stock entries for Material Transfer to Manufacture? We are in the Construction Industry, and we transfer materials per batch or based on the schedules created by our engineers. However, we can’t do multiple stock entries in Material Transfer to Manufacture. We have the same problem with the issue on the link above.

Any thoughts on how can we solve this would be really a great help!

Worried if this will break our system as we enter the rates with tax in the Item table and then tick Is this Tax included in Basic Rate? in Item Tax table. And hence, net rate is calculated after saving. Can you please confirm?

Please fix, my CPU usage is constantly at 100% after upgrading to latest version

We are unable to see reports prepared using report builder how can we see them?

we also experience this on the latest version of 13

How to resolve this error:

Same issue and the following steps do not resolve it:

Make sure you have upstream pointing to frappe/frappe and not to any forks. Check using git remote -v
Checkout main version-13 branch: git checkout version-13
Fetch the upstream branch git fetch upstream version-13
Hard reset to upstream git reset --hard upstream/version-13"

Any update please.

In apps/frappe folder
git pull
not runs correctly, only shows.
“Already up to date.” immediately after hitting the enter.

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v13.5.2 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.5.2 (version-13)

unsure if the error message is of consequence. FYI - in our case update script seems to proceed with building thereafter. Dont know which assets the error message is referring to - which are not being downloaded.