[Release Note] ERPNext Version 12

Today ERPNext Version 12 is being released. It packs tonnes of new features, enhancements and optimizations. The following are the highlights of this release.

  1. Dashboards
  2. Refreshed Desktop UI
  3. Accounting Dimensions
  4. Learning Management System
  5. Improved Website
  6. Keyboard Navigation

You can read the release notes on the version 12 release page.
You can sign-up for ERPNext here.

Repository Changes

The branches on the ERPNext & Frappe repositories are being renamed as follows:

Old Name New Name
develop version-12
master version-11
hotfix version-11-hotfix

Note: The master branch has been deprecated as of today i.e. 22 July, 2019.

Following are the new branches created:

  • develop: Version 13
  • version-12-hotfix: Staging area for version 12 fixes

Please note, all your open PRs have to be rebased to the new branch.

Bench Changes

  • bench init will setup Version 12 on Python3.
  • To setup a specific version of frappe you can use the flag --version followed by the version number. For example, bench init --version 11 will setup bench with version 11 of Frappe.

Switching to Version 12

$ bench switch-to-branch version-12 frappe erpnext --upgrade
$ bench update

Since master branch is deprecated, to remain on Version 11, use the following commands:

$ bench switch-to-branch version-11 frappe erpnext
$ bench update

Reporting bugs and other issues

  • Report issues by commenting on this thread.
  • You can report new issues on GitHub

Special thanks to all the contributors and users of ERPNext and Frappe worldwide! Version 12 is being used in production in dozens of organizations today and they are acknowledging the power of the product and the possibilities that are enabled by Open Source.


Should be

bench switch-to-branch version-12



I am getting the following:

sudo bench switch-to-branch version-12
Branch version-12 does not exist in Upstream for erpnext
Branch version-12 does not exist in Upstream for frappe
Switched to version-12
Please run bench update --patch to be safe from any differences in database schema

$ sudo bench update --patch
master branch is renamed to version-11 and develop to version-12. Please switch to new branches to get future updates.

To switch to version 11, run the following commands: bench switch-to-branch version-11

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Did you do bench update once?

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Yes i did a bench update. Can try again

Edit: made no difference still same issue

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Looks amazing! For cloud hosted when will the updates be seen?



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Congrats Frappe…
I have question, what is the new develop branch name is it version 13 or develop, thx?

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@nmami It’s version-12

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For production - v11 master is the still the recommended choice?

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@zerodiscount yes still it is…also fixes do come for V11 too…


Im getting

“Branch version-12 does not exist in Upstream for erpnext”

when I tried bench switch-to-branch version-12

kind regards

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This should help


GitHub was down for a bit. Please try now.

@nmami develop is now version-13

@zerodiscount master will be version-11 and is deprecated. We won’t be using the term anymore. New benches will now be created in version-12


@rmehta - I updated production container briefly to v12 - but it messed up everything - modules were not visible (as identified in another thread), and webstore / website looked entirely different with product images being resized smaller and text not fitting in current box… Seems migration from V11 to V12 may not be seamless. Had to revert back quickly to v11 using a prior snapshot of container. For non-tech users like me, I would urge clarification on whether v12 is meant for cutting-edge development or is production ready?..Should one expect migration to be seamless for customer facing end? Thanks.

Will also appreciate clarification if V11 deprecated means no more updates or fixes?

V11 is not deprecated (master branch is)!

V12 is ready for production use.

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Hello. The V12 looks sleek and more into business type ERP, altough I still love the iconic ERP Next icon, as long as the functionality is the same, that’s fine… Add some nice dashboard with graphics will makes it nicer… just my two cents…

keep up the great works coming…