[Release Notes] ERPNext Version 13 has been released


Anyone gets issue with Item variants attribute value not show

And how to fix it?
Thank you.

AttributeError: ‘WebsiteTheme’ object has no attribute ‘background_color’

During upgrade getting the below error

Try skip failing.
bench --site dev.nectar.lmnas.com migrate --skip-failing

then try again.
bench update --patch

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Can you try to reload Website Theme manually from Console?

frappe.reload_doc('website', 'doctype', 'website_theme', force=True)

Please advise for this error:


frappe.reload_doc(“payroll”, “doctype”, “salary_component”)

did you upgrade your bench cli?

I am getting this

In [1]: frappe.reload_doc(‘accounts’, ‘doctype’, ‘pos_invoice_item’)
File “”, line 1
frappe.reload_doc(‘accounts’, ‘doctype’, ‘pos_invoice_item’)
SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

Have you committed after reloading from console?

Use frappe.db.commit() to commit.

Use this frappe.reload_doc('accounts', 'doctype', 'pos_invoice_item')

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I do face the same issue. Any fix ?

How to upgrade bench CLI?

So, you are using perpetual inventory system and in perpetual inventory system, when you receive an Item, system debits “Stock In Hand” instead of booking expenses (COGS). In version 13, the system corrects it automatically and gives a message.

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I shared this in last post.

I’m sharing it again.

This topic is a tutorial for installing and upgrading bench [Tutorial] Installing and Upgrading Bench CLI (ver. 5.3)

skip-failing is not recommended, it can lead to other unwanted problems. Always try to dig deep and solve the actual error.

I did this

Use frappe.db.commit() to commit.

now getting

frappe.exceptions.DoesNotExistError: DocType UAE VAT Settings not found

Reload these doctypes as well:

frappe.reload_doc('regional', 'doctype', 'uae_vat_settings')
frappe.reload_doc('regional', 'doctype', 'uae_vat_account')
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This method did not work. Still the same error.

I tried this method. Still the same error.

So to Summarise (especially for UAE instances) following steps are required:

bench --site your-site-name console

In [1]: frappe.reload_doc(‘accounts’, ‘doctype’, ‘pos_invoice’)
Out[1]: True
In [1]: frappe.reload_doc(‘accounts’, ‘doctype’, ‘pos_invoice_item’)
Out[1]: True

For UAE Variant
In [1]: frappe.reload_doc(‘regional’, ‘doctype’, ‘uae_vat_settings’)
Out[1]: True
In [1]: frappe.reload_doc(‘regional’, ‘doctype’, ‘uae_vat_account’)
Out[1]: True
In [1]: frappe.db.commit()

It worked just fine for me.

Thank you very much

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