Remote Redis Instance for Erpnext

How to configure remote redis instance on a separate server for erpnext.

Its not possible at the moment. Any specific reason you need to do this ?

I have not tested nor run a separate redis instance, but I think these are the steps

  1. Setup your other redis instance correctly. Install redis. Open the right ports on the server if using a firewall. Configure the 3 redis instances needed (Look at the 3 redis conf files in frappe-bench/config to see what needs to happen). Configure supervisor on the redis server.
  2. On your ERPNext instance, in frappe-bench/sites/common-site-config.json, modify the following lines so they point to your remote redis instance.
 "redis_cache": "redis://localhost:11311",
 "redis_queue": "redis://localhost:6379",
 "redis_socketio": "redis://localhost:12311",

still doesn’t possible?

Its possible at this moment? 2020

Can we now have Redis as seperate server ?

Did you even try what was answered before? Set redis hosts in common_site_config.json. I’ve used external redis like this.