Removing "ERPNext Support" App

We have migrated a hobby site from the free one user plan that was depreciated to a small self-hosted instance. The instance has Frappe and ERPNext version 13 installed. Nothing else.

In our data backup we seem to have an app called “erpnext_support” installed still which prevents bench migrate with the error message Could not find app "erpnext_support".

The first idea was to just uninstall the app with the bench command but that didn’t work:
bench uninstall-app erpnext_support --no-backup --force. This just throws a bunch of errors.

The next idea was to remove the app from whatever database table has the information of the installed apps. I identified “tabInstalled Application” and deleted the record for erpnext_support. That didn’t fix the problem either.

So next I looked around “tabDocType” and found that there are some DocTypes that are from the module “ERPNext Support”. So I removed those records and deleted the corresponding tables also. That didn’t fix the problem.

Any suggestions?

Check if this works

bench --site mysite.localhost remove-from-installed-apps erpnext_support

Excellent, this worked after I also removed “journeys” Thank you do much for this @revant_one

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How to do this when install with docker? Thanks!

It is a framework command, it is available in container


I’ve install ERPNext follow this guide, I’m newbie so could you guide step by step to remove and add App on docker?

You want me to continue on this same post?

If you believe docker docs exists outside ERPNext then you’ll need,

  • docker cp (use it to copy backup files to and from containers-host)
  • docker exec (use it to exec into container)
  • run bench commands once in container, like the screenshot I shared

Can anyone share with me a sample Frappe cloud backup? I’ll make a brand new post explaining everything in context to docker.

I feel this need a new post as this post was resolved.

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