Restore backup from frappecloud into docker container

As mentioned you’ve docker setup running.

  • Download your frappecloud backups.
  • copy files into container
docker cp /path/to/backup.sql <project-name>_erpnext-python_1:/opt
docker cp /path/to/private.tar <project-name>_erpnext-python_1:/opt
docker cp /path/to/public.tar <project-name>_erpnext-python_1:/opt
docker cp /path/to/site_config.json <project-name>_erpnext-python_1:/opt
  • enter the container
docker exec -it <project-name>_erpnext-python_1 bash
  • create new site with source sql, enter passwords as needed
bench new-site --source_sql /opt/backup.sql
  • display output of site_config and copy it to editor
  • change or add the encryption from the site_config given by frappecloud. 80% probability you’ll corrupt the site_config.json because of Ctrl+D, This is called bash shell if you are interested to learn.
cat >
  • confirm updated of site_config
  • remove installed proprietary apps
bench --site remove-from-installed-apps erpnext_support
bench --site remove-from-installed-apps journeys
  • migrate
bench --site migrate


  • Replace <project-name> with your project
  • Replace /path/to/.... files with actual paths and file names
  • Replace /opt/backup.sql with actual path and filename of sql file
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