Rename Tool Attachment Limit Reached

I’m facing a problem when uploading the csv file in Rename Tool.

when I try to upload a file, an error message keeps popping up saying: " Maximum Attachment Limit of 1 has been reached for Rename Tool", even though there’s no attached file.

I already try clearing cache in bench and reboot, restart bench. Nothing seems to work.

Anyone has faced this problem before?

Try not to use the rename tool. There are strange things that happen to the underlying records if you use the rename tool. You are better off disabling the record, creating a new record and moving the balances.

Here’s a link I started just the other day.



Thanks for the reply.

I am just renaming some of my item codes and have found a way to do that through custom script and a new custom field

Just wanna share my code in case anyone is interested:

   frappe.ui.form.on('Item', {
	validate: function(frm, cdt, cdn) {
if (frm.doc.new_id && frm.doc.item_code !== frm.doc.new_id) {{
    method: 'frappe.model.rename_doc.rename_doc',
    args: {
        doctype: frm.doctype,
        old: frm.docname,
        "new": frm.doc.new_id,
        "merge": false

new_id is the custom field where you put the new item code in. I use data import to quickly import that