Rename tool does not work for new created doctype

this is the doctype

does not appear in Select DocType list??

Hi @manal_erpnext,

Please check the post.

hello @NCP

the field is not appear

Since you haven’t utilized the naming_series field, you need to add it and select the appropriate series; then the option will appear.

the rename tool will work only if the doctype has a naming series field ?

Yes @manal_erpnext

okey i will try now
thanks a lot

i could not set the naming series list from document naming setting??

Hi @manal_erpnext,

Allow the rename option will appear when you select the Naming Rule by the below option. (v15)

  • Set by user
  • By fieldname
  • By “Naming Series” field
  • Expression
  • Expression (old style)
  • Random
  • By script

Please check it.

does not appear in any one in my case

this is my versions

It will appear in the doctype, not a customize form.

okey i will see now

@NCP where i should set the naming rule in doctype or in a customize form?

If custom doctype then you can add the naming rule in doctype, if default then we are not suggesting to edit or customize the doctype but if you want then you can do it.

okey i will test now

this is the doctype

i added more than one doc but the naming series not work
but the rename tool work

i mean by the rename tool work the doctype appear in it