Repeating Tasks in ERPNext

HI everyone

We’re planning on working on creating a “Daily Checklist” in ERPNext for people who have daily tasks and need to have these tasks created and done every day. It’s similar to the case mentioned by a user here : There is some tasked repeated every day

Would it be better for development to start with a Standalone Custom Application? (Users can get the app, install it and try it on their ERPNext instances)

OR should we develop the features and submit a pull request once the development is done?

You can view the wireframe and proposed features here : Daily Checklist Proposal - Google Docs

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.


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Isn’t this possible with Projects and Tasks? You can create a Project with a list of Tasks. Next day, you can duplicate the project and the tasks will be copied over.

For creating them automatically, we can use Subscription feature.

What do you think?


The problem with this case is if the tasks are to be executed daily, it means that the project and the tasks need to be duplicated daily. And the tasks being executed/repeated daily belong to just 1 project. We’ll end up with too many projects with the same name. And tracking the project details will become rather messy.

We also considered adding an ‘Is Repeating’ checkbox in Task. If checked, a task for that day will be auto-generated. However, this means that the Tasks Child table in project will also get very long. 1 task being repeated in a quarter would mean having 100-120 rows in that project table (and projects could have more than 1 task. Just imagine having 5 tasks and repeating it 300 times in one year).

So far, the checklist thing was the best idea we could think of which would avoid duplicating projects and avoid very long child tables. I think we can use the subscription feature instead of hardcoding the repeating tasks so thank you for that @netchampfaris . We’re open to any suggestions. The more brains and brain cells, the better. :slight_smile:


I have given this a lot of thought too and this is a very generic need (even we need it!). The best way to implement this is to extend the Subscription feature to be made more generic so that it can make any document “repeatable”.

Abstract out the code from Subscription and make a new DocType in the framework (Auto Repeat) to make any document repeatable. Then just add a link the menu of each form to say “Repeat”.

Fields for Auto Repeat

  • DocType
  • Name
  • Date Field
  • Frequency
    • Daily (check days)
    • Weekly (set day of the week)
    • Monthly (set month of the day)

PS: I think this feature also exists in “Event” so maybe Subscription and Event can just extend “Auto Repeat”


That’s a great idea @rmehta. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into both the Auto Repeat feature in Event and Subscription.

Thank you very much and cheers.

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Did you get through? How you manage you repeat task now?

@Sam_NAVARRO Auto repeat will be available in V11 release

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Great News :blush: @hereabdulla

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this is not active.

Auto Repeat is already available in V11. :slight_smile: If you want to try it out, please update your version to the latest one @Ravi_Shrivastav .

Hi @littlehera

Trust you’re doing great. Yes, Auto Repeat is in v11 but the only doctypes you can select are transactional documents (i.e. Sales Order, Invoice etc). How do you ‘activate’ it for Tasks and other doctypes?

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Hi @wale,

Been out of the loop for a while. Sorry.

@tundebabzy was the one who worked on the Auto Repeat feature.

If anything, maybe someone can create a feature request for this one?


Hi, I was wondering if this was implemented for other project tasks also? While working on a project, a task is to be repeated daily. As of now, the workaround is that I create the same task for each every day. For example, when working on an agriculture project, a task like “apply pesticide” is to be done every 2 weeks. As of now, in the project template, I have to ensure that a project line-item is added for every two weeks manually.


Hello @Kshitij_Sharma,

As @wale said:

I’m not sure if there have been developments to add tasks to autorepeat. Maybe someone can do a feature request for this and post it to this thread?

Alternatively, if you need the feature as a custom app or a customization to your forked repo, then maybe a service provider can help you with the development.



I actually created a Github issue for this over a year ago:

@tundebabzy promised to take a look if he could squeeze out some free time. I do hope someone gets to work on it soon… it’d be a really useful feature


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Thanks for the info @wale!

I’ve been focusing on a client’s project so I haven’t been able to keep up with the new features but if I have time, I’ll try to look at the Auto Repeat Feature and maybe work on something.


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@littlehera hi sis, I’m having nearly the same issue as you had. but the different scenario of mine is we have tasks for a project but we want tasks repeated as much as we wanted to. to make it clear I will have a project for a socket Installation for ZXY company and the tasks I mentioned are just for only per socket but if I have 40 sockets remaining I have to create tasks for them again and again just for only that project the reason we create a task for per socket is to know the costing and billing amount per task. the worst scenario is I have to create a timesheet for each of them manually. and also I gave the Hrs. in time sheet and it will calculate the time and predict the To date … imagine if you planed 24 hrs for a task and the system calucate the ending time as if the emoloyee will work 24 hrs a day… please tell me how to solve this problem. I would really appreciate the help