There is some tasked repeated every day

hi all
i add anew project every quarter but there is tasks we do it every day in every project like add a new facebook post
so so i have to add this task 120 time in every quarter with different date it will be a nightmare
what is the best solution for this case


Perhaps you need a Calendar Event who’s re-occurance could be set as “Daily?”

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thank you for your replay
but i think this is not professional
must be there something better

I think that I might have the same need that you do. I have asked a 3rd party team to look at making some other upgrades to Projects & Tasks. Could I ask them to contact you and see what you have in mind. Maybe we could roll it up with the project that they are already working on?


Thanks for your interesting
sure you can contact with me any time

Hi @MichaelPinkowski and @fatheyabdelslam,
Did you get through? How you manage you repeated task? I m alsoo interested