Report per (non POS) Sales Invoice (including payments received)

Continuing the discussion from General Ledger for SINV doesn't list payment - bug or feature?:

I am looking for a working approach to get a detailed financial overview per Sales Invoice. Info I want to see in one report is

  1. Invoiced amount (and therefore payment amount due)
  2. payment(s) received (including date) and allocation details*
  3. credit notes issued (if applicable)
  4. Total balance (debit or credit, whatever is applicable

I would go for a General Ledger report filtered by the SINV in question but that unfortunately only shows payments in case the SINV is a POS sales invoice. So ā€¦ what is the way to gather all this information for a non POS Sales Invoice?

* i.e. customer made a payment of $ 100, where $ 50 have been allocated to the Sales Invoice in question Iā€™d want to see the total payment sum as well as the sum allocated to the invoice in question.

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