Repost Item Valuation queued status too long , any issue?


Any problems with the **Repost Item Valuation** because I saw some of Repost Item Valuation still in Queued status for 2 months or 1 months,

Why it queued too long ? any tip to check what is the cause of issue, and can I clear it?

Hi @treeem,

If not enabled then please enable the scheduler using the command and then migrate the site.

bench --site [sitename] enable-scheduler
bench --site [sitename] migrate

Thank You!

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Thanks @NCP , for always support.

Where I can check is my scheduler is enable or disable?
and can you explain why this is cause the issue.

Hi @treeem,

Please go to the RQ Job DocType and check the status.

If the scheduler is disabled/Inactive, these automated tasks will not be executed at their scheduled intervals. This can lead to various issues depending on the tasks that are not being performed. For example Delayed or missed notifications, Data inconsistencies, System performance and etc.

It can cause delays, and data inconsistencies, and impact the overall system performance by preventing the execution of important background tasks and automation processes.

For more details on RQ-Jobs and Background Jobs check the post.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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Thanks @NCP I have checked the RQ Job , the scheduler is ‘Active’ .

So do you think run the

bench --site [sitename] migrate can solve the Repost Item Valuation still in Queued status for 2 months or 1 months?

Yes @treeem.

Please try it and check it.

One problem i have notice from my side is we did posting the stock entry back date.
do you think this can cause an issue of reposting item evaluation on queuing .

Hmm :thinking: @treeem,

If you post stock entries with backdated dates, it can cause problems with the Repost Item Valuation process. This process calculates the value of your inventory. When there are backdated entries, it can create inconsistencies and delays in the valuation process.

Remember, it’s best to avoid posting backdated stock entries to maintain accurate inventory valuations and prevent issues with Repost Item Valuation.

Thank You!

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@NCP thanks so much for your bold.

Do we have any way to re-run the schedule of those back dates ?

And as situation we have this issue happened already, do you any propose solutions to resolved those queues ?


Hi @treeem,

Here we added a backdate stock entry.

Please check it.

After a few times, reload the page and check it.

Thank You!

@thanks @NCP ,

We did a mistakes , and now we have 3233 in queued status, if we run this one by one it will take a whole month. Do you have way like we can do in code or bench command to start Reposting?

One more thing, I have re ran by clicked on Start Reporting then I saw the message
**Reposting has been started in the background** but I still show it in queued , is not changed to completed

Hi @treeem,

Follow the process and wait for 1 hour and check it.

Please go to the Scheduled Job Type and search the id like repost_item_valuation.repost_entries and open it.

Please click on Execute button.

Then go to the RQ Job Doctype, execution process will run.

Once finish the RQ Job of repost_item_valuation.repost_entries then will update the status Queued to Completed.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!