Reproduction of Finished Product

I have 500 nos product A (finished product) in warehouse X, and i want to re produce the Product A as Product B. How can i make this possible.

Use Repack option in the stock entry, you can enter source warehouse and product A in the first line and destination warehouse and Product B in the second line.

Thank you, and how to write off damage products.

In the same Stock Entry, you can use Material Issue option to write-off damaged products.

Remember to select the Difference Account for each product you are writing off so the cost goes to the appropriate GL expense account.

Use the Stock Reconciliation option to write off damaged products.

Stock → Tools → Stock Reconciliation

when i preparing material transfer entry or manufacturing entry there is a stock adjustment amount showing. what is that amount and how it comes.

The cost you see results from the rate you entered when the item was purchased or when it was received through Material Receipt.

The Material Transfer will show the cost, but no accounting entries will be made in the system.

Check this. Had similar issue of Stock Adjustment amount on material transfer or receipt. Don’t have any idea of manufacturing. Share your screen shot of financial entry.