Reset Administrator

the System Administrator profile does not work anymore.
I do not understand how it is happening.
How can I reset System Administrator?

restore the administrator UserRole using a backup table and restart bench.

cd ~frappe-bench;
bench set-admin-password [newPassword]

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Thank you,
I try to see if it is the solution.

Skeples the answer, but there are no passwords or problems with the user, but in practice I can not see the configuration with the system administrator, and therefore I can not access the parameters. I can not even restore the whole system because I entered a lot of data and I understood the problem later.

If you are running a self-hosted instance and have console access, ‘bench reset-perms’ will return your permissions to their default state.

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Thank you very much. I will let you know

My problem is more serious.
In practice, the system user administrator (who is root), with whom I log in using the correct password, accesses all documents except the Setup (hence the development functions).

I have tried all types of restoration and all ineffective including those indicated. I do not understand what happened, but even my programmer who installed the system has failed.

Right now I work without a root user.

Can someone help me ?

Can you explain in detail about the Linux user access? If you can access root then u can access everything but u have to switch to the user which you have used to install erpnext.
Or you can reset the password for that user using the command

passwd username

This will ask for new password.
Or you can also navigate to frappe bench folder under root/home/user/frappe-bench

It is always better to give as much as information possible for members to understand the situation and help you. In the beginning of your last reply you said you can access as root but at the end you mentioned “i work without a root user”.

Please be clear and specific about the current issue your facing

I can access everything regularly, with all users. I do not have any abnormal complement of any kind, but when I insert ErpNext with the root admin user, which works regularly, I do not see the configuration menu, even if I write it directly on the link.

Everything I think happened when I was filling up the masks to delineate it as an employee. But of this I’m not sure.
However, the anomaly happened when I was using the Administrator profile with another non-root user.

I had two other non-root users the same profile when it happened that even these do not have access to the configuration. I had to manually recreate it from a new administrator profile to access the setup, but, clearly I can not perform “Development” operations.

Kindly find some professional paid support regarding this.

“clearly I can not perform “Development” operations”

If this is not enabled that may explain your problem

‘bench set-config developer_mode 1’

I have no problem using a paid support. The installation made it a paid support and everything worked regularly.
If I have an indication, I follow it.

I got stuck on same Problem but seems like ERPnext team have no solution for it …

No, the solution exists. It is a certainty.
I still have not solved the problem because we are doing something else.

I performed yesterday the reset indicated, but it did not help. He restored only the icons

I can access everything with all the users and on the whole server.
I also have the psw of the first system installation (Development), but this is when I see I no longer see the setup and I no longer have access to production. In this period we have tried all the solutions indicated in the community and beyond.
I think more than administrator the problem is with the role of administrator

Credo che più che administrator il problema sia con il ruolo di administrator

I think more than administrator the problem is with the role of administrator

I think you disabled the setup module for “All User” which included the administrator.

Check if you can change it and also check if you can access the role permission page and give all rights to the administrator user.

It happens if you play with the role permission and it gets messed up. Now you have to follow the Users Role permission
and the roles permissions doctype access permissions.

Follow it one by one.