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I got stuck on same Problem but seems like ERPnext team have no solution for it …

No, the solution exists. It is a certainty.
I still have not solved the problem because we are doing something else.

I performed yesterday the reset indicated, but it did not help. He restored only the icons

I can access everything with all the users and on the whole server.
I also have the psw of the first system installation (Development), but this is when I see I no longer see the setup and I no longer have access to production. In this period we have tried all the solutions indicated in the community and beyond.
I think more than administrator the problem is with the role of administrator

Credo che più che administrator il problema sia con il ruolo di administrator

I think more than administrator the problem is with the role of administrator

I think you disabled the setup module for “All User” which included the administrator.

Check if you can change it and also check if you can access the role permission page and give all rights to the administrator user.

It happens if you play with the role permission and it gets messed up. Now you have to follow the Users Role permission
and the roles permissions doctype access permissions.

Follow it one by one.

I think you’re the only one who sensed where the problem is. Not even my system administrator I have understood … in fact in the database (I am not a programmer but an expert user) my attention always turns on AllUser permissions because with the user Administrator (with which I thus access is not a problem) I do not see the “Setup”, and I think it’s the first thing I have to see

Good troubleshooting - with much persistance then, this problem is resolved?

A request p.russo is please add a screenshot or two of the relevant pages, to help direct future users who face this problem.

Perhaps the software might be improved to flag or prevent this case too.

No, the problem is not solved yet. The tests will be done by next Friday. As soon as resolved I will publish a post.
In fact, it is certain that the “Administrator” role has lost the attributes of access to “Setup” and consequently to “Developer”.
I do not understand how it happened, but to work we created another role similar to “Administrator” that gives us access at least to the “Setup”.
In the test on Friday, if it fails, it will mean that we will have to find a file that brings parameters not present in the database of sql (or we have not identified it)

Thanks p.russo - To document your test cases, observations and results would be most helpful, to reproduce and report here Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

EDIT: If this your report First installation user Administrator · Issue #16620 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub please add there a link to this discussion here for reference, thanks

Unfortunately we have not yet managed to solve the problem.
At this point it would be necessary to rewrite the php code for the root user.

Problem solved.
It was a while that I was playing with the “tab has role” table, believing that it was the decisive source but without success. From a few minutes my technician has manually replicated the permissions of Administrator inside the table and I have recovered the original functionality.

Now my Administrator user with Administrator role profile has access to the setup again.
Problem solved

Excellent news! But exactly what you did is mysterious so please give more concrete details to document your learning -

Sufficient to serve as reference refresher for you and the rest of us.

Perhaps a before and after screenshot to illustrate permissions too?

Also is this your report First installation user Administrator · Issue #16620 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub ?? please add there a link to this discussion here for reference and close it, thanks

Right now I’m not in the office, so the detail will be public soon.
It is inconvenient to write with the mobile phone.

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I inform you that the Github community has redirected me to another site. There are some news, in fact the problem has been solved only partially, but now having to solve it in a definitive way, I opted for a new installation of the software on which I will migrate the data. I spent resources of time and money for a professional but useless resolution.
Unfortunately I gave up because I ran out of time.

We had a similiar problem (no System Manager specific fields in the User Form anymore) and could fix it by restoring the default permissions in the RolePermissionManager. Choose the User DocType and the SystemManager Role.

We have played with RoleProfiles before, but so far could not reproduce it. Frappe & ERPNext at v12.x.x-develop.

I am facing a similar issue, can you please talk in detail about the solution of the problem? I know we need to replicate the role in DB. what where and all we need to do that?

SOLUTION: change your user type from Website user to Sytem user in maraidb manually. you issue will get solve.

Can you please share the profile of your Administrator please. from User Doctype