Rest API vs Built-in Integration for Woocommerce: Creating Customer Orders

We have been testing the possible options to integrate with Woocommerce. Using the built-in integration works good with order where the customer isn’t yet created in ERPNext. It creates the customer along with the sales order. However, we need to need to transform so of the data sent by Woocommerce and not just dump the default order data into ERPNext (e.g: product related details and variations).

On the other hand, the Rest API seems to not allow new orders which don’t have existing customer details. Is this functionality in the Rest API is by design or it’s a lack of knowledge on our part?
We keep getting “Customer ABCD not found” error for orders sent by Wocommerce with a new customer details when using the Rest API! Thanks

Hi. Have you tried this

I have read about it. I see that it looks good but far from complete. In our case it would require building docker custom app image, also I am not sure if we can do any data massaging before sending data into or out of Erpnext! Our current option is to use a Middleware.