Ecommerce - how used with erpnext?


I am using erpnext for my business,

I want to use it for a new online business that I am buidling.

I will use woocommerce.

ERPNext seems to have a built in integration for woocomerce.

Is the integration ready for use ? What can and can not be used?

Basically,if I use the integration, what is a real world use case? What can I do with it, what cna I not? What might be less than ideal?

Thanks for feedback and references to ways to make it work, or alternatives that miht better serve my purpose.

I am thinking about using erpnext mainly because I already use it and am familiar with it. The learning curve would not be steep at all,and this removes barriers to get things up and running.

What is actually synchronized? I also an old post:

the integration works well when creating a new client that is NOT in erpnext.

This seems to imply that if the client already exists in erpnext, there is an issue.

Can anyone comment on this, or any other shortcomings(strong points too, or course) of the current state of the integration?



I tried it a year ago for a pilot project but I can say it still needs more development if you are going to have medium to high volume of transactions and exceptions (scenarios) in regard to how your WooCommerce is configured. You may need to use some broker like Node-RED or N8n to handle the integration. ERPNext has good webhooks and workflow features but the integration (not only in ERPNext) will be always a challenge with updates. I had some plugins in WC which made it difficult to just use ERPNext WooCommerce Integration integration without a 3rd party tool handle different scenarios.

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Hi Yabdali

Thanks for your honest feedback. I wanted use woocommerce vs the built in ecommerce in erpnext. woo commerce would be eaiser to set up. I’ve tried erpnext shopping cart but with the help, it was not easy to get a basic shopping cart.

You mentioned node-red. I looked it up and I noticed the logic oriented steps to “make decisions”.

Where is it run? This is self hosted and runs like an n8n, zapier or other?

For information, this will be a small site to start with, with plans to grow larger.

Thanks for the help.


Hi I was reviewing and you want to connect your erpnext with woocommerce I recommend you use the WooCommerceConnector of libracore, it works perfect with Erpnext v14 both in the synchronization of products, customers, orders, payments.

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Sorry for the late response. Node-red or N8n can be self-hosted. If you are intending to grow your setup and have more integrations in the future than its worth investing time to implement them. They can both run on a dockerized container.

Hello @Leo_Sarmiento

I just saw your message. Thanks for the idea. Seems like a good idea.

I looked at it, and it seems to do all what I want it to do. But, the activity on github seems to date from 4-6 years ago for most of the files listed.

Is it still actively developed?

Hello @yabdali

Thanks for the feedback.

I will start with integrating woocomerce and erpnext. Time will tell how much it will grow.

Do you know how to use one or the other?


It is in constant development, as you say it is an integration that has been around for a long time, it has its shortcomings that can be solved, I have been using it for a long time and it works without any problems in both version 13 and 14.

It is in constant development, as you say it is an integration that has been around for a long time, it has its shortcomings that can be solved, I have been using it for a long time and it works without any problems in both version 13 and 14. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Thanks for the feedback.

I noticed that in your older message you talked about synchronizing a variety of things. BUt, does it synchronize invoices too?


Hi Guys!

Regarding ecommerce, we addressed a lot of problems with that!

My website runs an ecommerce
is also an customer we build on top of ERPNext

If you need some advise, pls be free to contact me!

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It does not synchronize invoices… it depends on the configuration that you make, it elaborates the invoices of the orders placed in Woocommerce + the record of the payment made.

You use the E-commerce module that comes integrated in ERPNext.
This module is great… you have to put a lot of effort to make it work, but as some people already have their woocommerce… you have to do what the customer asks for.

HI there.

I am using it as an online order portal for my company. One of the “features” I was hoping to use it for was to allow my clients to download copies of their invoices. Does not be able to do this. Or, would it have to be customized to do this?

AS well, I am making an ecommerce, and if ERPNext ins in th eback ground, and woocommerce is the front end, will the client get an invoice form woocommerce? Or, will they need to wait until erpnext makes the invoice and we send it to them?

Thanks for any ideas/insight.


Your websites ecommerce is running on woo commerce, or erpnext?

Your clients is using 100% erpnext, from what I understand.


My website and ecommerce is running on ERPNext purely!

Woocommerce was an option, but solve the issues on the integration, was much more effort than to only fix issues in ERPNext

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If copies of invoices can be downloaded, you only need to configure them.

When the order is placed from Woocommerce the customer receives an email copy of the order, but if you configure ERPNext at the time that synchronizes bidirectionally and the order is billed, a copy of the invoice is sent to the customer.

Give ERPNext’s E-commerce a new opportunity.

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