Restore all the deleted transactions

Hello everyone,

I mistakenly deleted all the company’s transactions in my ERP software and lost all my data.

Could anyone help me give me a solution to how I can restore all my transactions and get my deleted data back?


Restore possible only from backup.

Did you checked your backup?
Do you have backup in your directory?


If your instance is in Frappe cloud then ask for restore. Developers ready to help.

Hope it helps.

How do i check the backup from frontend?

yes, I have a sql database file.

What next I do to restore the backup?

What platform are you using to host? Do you have the server access?

digital ocean. But i don’t have the username and password of cloud platform.

You will need to access the backend/server-side to restore the backup. There is no front-end method to achieve this. If you or someone in your organization set this up on DO, I’m sure they’ll have SSH access to the server.

Once you’re logged in to the server, follow these steps: