Returnable Container

I read a few posts about returnable containers such as beer containers or soda. I need to hear from someone who have actually implemented this. How do you handle the returnable containers in erpnext?

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I know it’s an old topic but have you figured out a way to do this?



just from the top of my head

1. create 2 Items

  1. Beer
  2. returnable Beer Container

2. create a bundled product

(composed of the above items)

  1. Beer has the selling price
  2. Container has the deposit as it’s price

3. make a Sales Order > Invoice > Delivery

4. Create a return for the returnable Container

  • "Make Return/Credit Note from withing the previous Sales invoice
  • follow the flow (Return Sales Invoice, Receipt, Credit Note)

@vrms how do you create a sales return for a specific item of a product bundle? For example you will only make a return for the returnable container? Can you help me. I have this kind of scenario too but cannot make a return for the container only through the delivery note.

good question. I never had been working with bundles so I never came across this question. Did you try to do it? Thinking of it now I wouldn’t be super surprised whether it wasn’t possible. In that case you’d have to think about doing it with separate items (which makes it less handy I admit though)

Hi @vrms yes I tried doing the product bundle. however, you cannot make a return for 1 item only from the bundle since the list of items where listed on the packing list and not on the items.

It would be handy if product bundle works for this situation because in reality you need to return 1 item from the bundle if you need to claim for warranty or need to replace the 1 item from the bundle. On some system, product bundle works on this situation.

@ponyooooo it works but not as the way you think

In that scenario we are dealing with “Lending” or “Comodato”, and your Returnable item need to be serialized some how, to it works properly

So, you will need to create an Bundle for example

  • Beer Walls 42 (bundle)
  • Beer (Stock Item)
  • Beer Bottle (Stock Returnable Item), but serialized

Also you will need create one warehouse called “Containers on Customer Custody” for example

While making the Delivery of the good (can be also in invoices that affect Stock), under the Bundled Item, attach the target warehouse for the Beer Bottle.

ERPNext will move the item for your warehouse to another warehouse, but now it will carry a relationship with the customer, so you will be able to know how many Bottles a certain customer have, looking for that warehouse.

For receive back the item, just move the item, ensuring your targeted the property serial no on the relationship, and it will get returned into your warehouse.