Returning Material Issued for a Project

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So we are an R&D based company where the material can be issued against a project which is not part of a sales order. Being a development job, the material for that project can be issued more than the required qty. After the R&D is done, the excess material needs to be returned back to Stores.

For example, if we are working on a Project A, and Material X is issued in 10 qty, after completion of Project X, 02 qty of Material X is returned back to the store. Project is selected in Accounting Dimensions during Stock Entry.

Now the problem is, upon issuing the material, the field Stock Consumed on the project page shows the correct amount for 10 qty. Now while returning the material, we select Material Receipt in Stock Entry, and return the excess 02 qty. Although this reflects in the Stock Statement, on the project page, it still shows the Stock Consumed as unchanged. This needs to reduce by the 02 qty for material returned.

Am I approaching this thing wrong? Is there a way to achieve this? This is important for us since we can track the costing of the project and our quote to the customer is dependent on this.

I saw a similar post mentioned below, but that does not solve the project issue.

Anyone facing the same issue? Or any solution to the above?

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I have the same issue.
Just want to share

I try to use the material receipt solution, but the material request status will still showing status of ‘issued’ which is not what I (and the users) want.
My current solution is let the user Cancel the Stock Entry and then amend for the correct qty. Not perfect but at least now the request shows ‘Pending’ not ‘Issued’ and the person involved know that it is not yet done.
The problem is stock ledger will only show the amended material issue stock entry, the original is gone.

I still searching for a better solution and thinking about using material transfer instead and create a virtual warehouse for the users, so the user can transfer back the material not being used, but have not test it yet.


Yeah that is what I have been doing. But that doesnt work for us. Since the entry for the month prior gets deleted and new entry is made.

Need a return entry to be made.

We experience a similar, but not the exact, issue in our business.

We often issue serialized finished units to prospective influencers, investors, or board members. If the FG comes back for a repair we have to receive it again to process the unit and then send it back.

While the unit is with us we would like to be able to track it through the process and then re-issue it.

So far, I’m not entirely sure how to process this correctly.

  1. Create a Material Request for Material Issue to a Contact
  2. Issue the material from the request Doc. At this point, the Serial number FG exits the system, and the material request is “issued”. All is good if there are no issues.

However, if a device requires maintenance or replacement we will need it returned to meet our ISO process requirements.

From what I understand at the moment is that I can create a “material receipt” and use the same serial number. But the original Material Request still shows as Issued.

I guess the ideal scenario would be to see the “Material Request: Material Issue” transaction pair work similar to the “Sales Order: Delivery Note” pair. Meaning that the “Material Issue” could be returned through a similar mechanism as a “Sales Return Delivery Note”.

This return would result in the original material request being in the “pending” status again until resolved.