Revenue for ERPNext team

Hi all,

I wanted to know if others are thinking of this as well.

Im sure there are others out there who love ERPNext and would love some of the features changed or added. I would like to know if its possible as a community to sort of pool together and get features designed and added by the team.

What I would like to see is a list of features that are nice to haves on a public list with cost and the the community can pledge towards it and if and when that value is reached the team can start to work on it receiving payment from those that pledged. Maybe invoicing this could be an issue but many hands make light work ;).

Not sure if im making myself clear, but if this works we can all try to share in the cost of getting some features in quicker?

Any thoughts?



Agreed… and i did that already on multy currency feature…

but i dont think anyone add some at it…

Thanks @hpema108! There are only so many things we can do with the current resources. We more resource, definitely more can be done.

Its why im suggesting a more structured approach where we can see a list and sort of vote on it. Like the feature that bobzz_zone suggested, if there is a better way to see it and pledge to it, like a nice forum type approach, then we could get ERPNext better faster.

But lets see how the others feel. I guess for now we just pay as we go. I just think the more work together makes it better - thats what I think open source is all about.


What you are looking for is something like bountrysource

See this example:

We can do that if more people are interested.

Yes, like that…and I hoping that is shows who has pledged and how much each person pledges. So when that amount of pledges reach the amount needed to develop feature then you can request payments and walla - we have the feature.

would you be able to do something like bountysource? or do we use bountysource?

We tried bountysource a year back but it was not very successful, but we were not focussed on paid revenue either. Its a good suggestion. Maybe we can try again.

No wait we are already there

Thanks @bobzz_zone for pledging 50, we never got any email or anything from bountrysource.

perhaps it’s best to plug the specific bounty links to related github issues?