Route always showing me http://localhost:8000/undefined

hi all,

i am trying to list all my custom DocType records in website

but i am facing problem in rout always showing me http://localhost:8000/undefined when click on the See on Website


 from import WebsiteGenerator

class WebsitePackage(WebsiteGenerator):
	website = frappe._dict(
		template = "templates/generators/website_package.html",
		condition_field = "show_in_website",
		page_title_field = "package_name"

	def validate(self):
		self.page_name =

this is customApp/templates/generators/website_package.html

{% block content %}
{% endblock %}

my default parent website route is :


my hooks

website_generators = ["Website Package"]

reference this video :

thanks in advance

when i delete Parent website route and create route Field with website-packages its work correctly

thanks guys

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